Who Are We ?

JBS Salary Packaging is a boutique salary packaging provider that specializes in novated and associate leases.
We are committed to delivering the best results for our clients and to providing first rate customer service in order to build lasting relationships with our clients.

What Do We Do ?

Salary packaging is an effective way of getting the most out of your income. It allows you to sacrifice part of your wage in order to pay for benefits before tax is taken out.

What is Salary Packaging

Salary Packaging Explained

Now that you know a little bit more about salary packaging, let us show you some of the ways it can benefit you

What is a Novated Lease

What is an Associate Lease

JBS Salary Packaging is a boutique salary packaging provider that specializes in novated and associate leases.
We are committed to delivering the best results for our clients and to providing first rate customer service in order to build lasting relationships with our clients.

Benefits For Employers

The benefits of salary packaging aren’t just limited to employees; it’s also something that employers can benefit from. Aside from the attraction that offering a salary packaging program to current and prospective employees brings, you will be able to offer a wide range of benefits, all of which can be packaged by your employees. Whether it be taking the hassle away from managing your company cars by offering novated leases or allowing your employee to package a new laptop for work, salary packaging is becoming more and more of an important tool in satisfying your employees.

How We Can Help ?

JBS Salary Packaging can help you run a salary packaging program by taking the hassle out of it and making it as simple as possible.
We will not only help you roll out the program to your staff, but we will work with them from start to finish, providing full support and helping them from the initial enquiry to the final package.
We will endeavour to handle all queries they have no matter how big or small, we will educate them on the benefits of salary packaging and we manage their package like it’s our own.
We will also help you by providing all the necessary tax reports when that time rolls around each year.
The only time we will need to speak with you is when we need you to sign off and implement the package in your pay roll, so sign up, sit back and let JBS Salary Packaging handle this for you.

Finance & Lending

JBS Salary Packaging can source and provide a range of finance options to clients wishing to purchase a Motor Vehicle. As an accredited introducer for Macquarie and Westpac Finance, we have relationships that allow our clients to get the best possible terms for their vehicle finance.

Vehicle Procurement

JBS Salary Packaging can help take the hassle out of purchasing a car by helping to source the right vehicle for you. Through our fleet partners Smartfleet, we have access to a number of dealers across the country that gives our clients access to some of the best prices on new vehicles.

Group Insurance

JBS Salary Packaging also has a group insurance policy that offers great value for our clients. Whether you drive a performance car or a station wagon, our partners AusBrokers Countrywide have been able to put together a policy that offers a competitive monthly premium along with some great benefits. Our clients will have access to the policy regardless of if you’re packaging a new car or an existing vehicle. Contact us for more information.

The Team

Brendan is mad about cars; cars and the Carlton Football Club (don’t hold it against him). He is the General Manager of Income Essentials and has been running the show since 2006. He has over 25 years of senior executive experience with companies like Ansett Australia and Skilled Engineering and has worked across a number of different areas including Human Resources, Industrial Relations and Strategic Management

Brendan is able to call upon all his knowledge and experience to provide the best possible service to his clients and to help them understand the benefits of salary packaging and how it can work for them. He handles all the new business enquiries, helping employers put together a salary packaging program for their employees; he’s kind of like the guru of salary packaging.

Brendan can help you find and purchase a new vehicle, utilizing his relationship with a number of dealers to get the best possible price. He can also help arrange finance as he is an accredited introducer for Macquarie and Westpac.

When Bren’s not at the office he’s usually down at Sorrento, on the Mornington Peninsula, with his wife Jenny and their two golden retrievers at their beach house. He can be found mowing the lawn or carefully cleaning his car with his brand new high pressure hose.

If there’s one thing Geoff knows, its clients. He’s even got the gold stars to prove it. Geoff is the client services manager at JBS Salary Packaging and he’s responsible for handling any and all queries our clients have. He’s had extensive customer service experience, from his previous professional emaployment, he knows what clients want and how to solve just about any query they might have.

Geoff is your first port of call when it comes to anything JBS Salary Packaging. He answers the phones, answers your questions and helps clients understand how salary packaging works. If you ever need anything he’s your man.

JBS Salary Packaging also has a tax accountant, Evelyn McLaren, who is a CPA and Tax Agent and a member of the NTAA. Evelyn works with Brendan and Geoff to ensure everything is compliant with the ATO guidelines. Along with Evelyn, JBS Salary Packaging has a financial controller and practice manager that help to look after the business but It’s Brendan and Geoff that are your main men.

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Our Fine Print

We like to make sure what we say and provide is always accurate, true and up to date wherever possible. We aim to always keep your information private and confidential. If you want to learn more about how we deal with your information, the information we provide or give us feedback, read more on our fine print page.

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